EBSCO Stacks – Rethink the library website


EBSCO Stacks – Rethink the library website

Modern technologies bring us continuously new ways and challenges to adapt the institutional websites in order to keep up with the standards and trends and also to promote the services provided in the most efficient way. Without a proper promotion, most of library patrons are usually not aware of all the services provided to them. EBSCO Stacks is the first turnkey, responsive web platform with plug and play integrations and mobile apps connected in real time. Empowering librarians to create world class library experiences by bringing the library’s local content, catalogs, and electronic resources together. Stacks creates a seamless user experience on any device, anywhere.

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ELTE Egyetemi Könyvtár és Levéltár, Hagyományok és kihívások VII.

Library science

Martin Kolman (lecturer)


30 August, 2018

Garamvölgyi László

27 September, 2018

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