Meinhard Kettler: ProQuest: Dissertations, your library’s treasure


Meinhard Kettler: ProQuest: Dissertations, your library’s treasure

ProQuest’s presentation outlines how best the libraries’ available holdings can be utilized. To reach its full potential, an efficient discovery tool can be used and as an innovative idea, making the local holdings visible outside of the library. One way for this is to get local content indexed in international databases. This may mean a role for the libraries in facilitating and generating new scientific content. A unique collection to think of is ProQuest’s Dissertations and Theses which contains 3.8 million dissertations, out of which 1.7 million in Full text. Institutions are welcome to contribute. Options for uploading dissertations and the streamlines will be presented as well as best practice.

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The Use And Generation Of Scientific Content – Roles For Libraries

Information science


12 September, 2016

Dér Ádám

26 October, 2016

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