Poetry Collections from the View-Point of Their Media


Poetry Collections from the View-Point of Their Media

I have selected seven relevant poetry collections from the 17ᵗʰ-century Hungarian poetry. They are all personal poetry collections: contain poems only (ormostly) from one author and the composition of the volumes are made by the authors as well. The selected authors are: Ferenc Wathay (1568-?1609), Péter Beniczky (?1603-1664), Miklós Zrínyi (1620-1664), László Listius (1628-1662), István Gyöngyösi (1629-1704), István Fráter (?1630-1703) and István Koháry (1649-1731). In this paper I am examining the media of the selected volumes: are they handwritten or printed, are there any pictures connected to the text, what kind of paratexts the authors use to make connections between poems and what kind of editorial acts they apply in general.

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Szöveg, hordozó, közösség (Fiatalok Konferenciája 2015)

Literature, Hungarian literature

Wathay Ferenc,Koháry István,verskötet

Szilvia Maróthy (lecturer)


26 November, 2015

Szilvia Maróthy

6 January, 2016

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