Modifying the E-learning Lecture Environment Structure


Modifying the E-learning Lecture Environment Structure

Today, educational technologies are reaching a state that allows inter-operability and the reuse of learning resources. The underlying techniques rely heavily on standards movements for metadata representation. In this paper, a learning framework where services can be developed and exchanged – as well as within systems – is suggested.
Metadata is not viewed as an objective to be downloaded from some central server but as subjective utilizations of resources that are distributed and shared in different contexts. This can evolve dynamically and it can be done by using one server and two databases located on such a server; one for the courses content and the second for storing the video of the lecturer after streaming.

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Agria Média 2004 Információtechnikai és Oktatástechnológiai Konferencia és Kiállítás

Oktatás, Számítógéppel támogatott oktatás, Információtechnológia

oktatás, oktatástechnológia, e-learning, elektronikus tanulás

Dr. Prof. Yehia A. El-Mashad (előadó)
Mohamed Abd Elhamid Abbas (előadó)


2004. október 19.

Vida Gábor

2010. december 6.

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