The Worlddidac Quality Charter


The Worlddidac Quality Charter

The Worlddidac Quality Charter is a quality certification for companies who participate in educational projects worldwide. The certification goes beyond existing ISO standards by providing the assurance that a company has the capacity to deliver products and services that contribute to quality education and sustainable results. WQC-certified companies have demonstrated their commitment to education and the standards of best practice for product quality, after sales support, corporate governance, educational excellence, innovation and long term stability. The Worlddidac Association has served learning and teaching since 1952.

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Agria Média 2004 Információtechnikai és Oktatástechnológiai Konferencia és Kiállítás

Minőségmenedzsment, Minőségellenőrzés, Oktatás

oktatás, oktatási termékek és szolgáltatások, termékminősítés, Worlddidac Quality Charter, Worlddidac Association

Paul Z. Perjes (előadó)


2004. október 18.

Vida Gábor

2010. december 6.

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