Múzeumi Digitalizálási Konferencia: Mayer Erika előadása


Múzeumi Digitalizálási Konferencia: Mayer Erika előadása

In the age of the information society, new ways of use of copyrighted contents has been formed. The need for digitized contents and access to them has been increasing. The digitization is now paying an important role in preservation. Now we can surf on museum web pages sitting in front of our monitors, and enjoy the artifacts. On the other hand, there is no successful exhibition without interactive contents, by which visitors can be informed on the artifacts or they can discover them.
The issues of copyright is trying to meet the new challenges of the new ways of use, but the incredible pace in the development of IT technologies makes it almost impossible. 

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Múzeumi Digitalizálási Konferencia

Humanities, Museology



10 June, 2013

Antal Perity

6 August, 2013

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