Herniated thoracic disc by transpedicularis-costotransversectomy

The following are video recordings of  surgical procedures from  the Department of Neurosurgery of Saint John’s Hospital of Budapest. The videos were made to assist with the training of neurosurgery, residents.
Modern optical systems using the Zeiss OPMI 6 microscope with a Contraves elektromagnetic stabilizer stative were used. The Riechert/Mundinger (F. L. Fischer) stereotaxic device and the Karl Storz endoscope were also used. The most significant portions of the procedures lasting only 3-6 minutes were recorded. With regard to quality, it AVI video with 720 x576 pixels and 72 dpi broadcast picture dimension were used. This is a brief overview of the significant portions of the operations and procedures with respect to the patient’s memory and  recall  status as they relate to their anatomical positions. The videos are presented in English and to a lesser degree Hungarian. The surgical portions and simultaneous video recordings and editing are my personal endeavors. Assistance in the preparation of the documents was provided. by Dr. János Hável, Dr. Tibor Kiss, Dr. Árpád Viola, surgical nurse Mária Skublics and assistant surgical nurse Norbert Nagy. For this I owe them  my deepest gratitude for their support and help. 
In 1999, with the aid of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and a donation from the Japanese goverment we received video equipment consisting of SONY camera, video recorders, monitors, computerized editing equipment Prof. Shigeharu Suzuki, Dr. Islam (Hirosaki) and Prof. Masami Ishii (Iwaki City) provided invaluable instruction.and teaching of  the techniques necessary for the video  recording of neurosurgical procedures
We offer this study as an adjunct to the medical board certification examinations. Those who would benefit most would be residents in  neurosurgery, neurology, anatomy, pathology and radiology. Until this time only the surgical dictation was available to the resident, now the video recording will be the standard . 

Jeno Julow MD DSc, St. John’s Hospital Dept of Neurosurgery and SOTE Neurosurgery by generous and help of Japan International Cooperation Agency

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E-book of neurosurgical video for residents, Spine surgery

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4 December, 2012

Prof. Jeno Julow

4 December, 2012

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