Richárd Fromann: Gamification motivation tools for museum renewal


Richárd Fromann: Gamification motivation tools for museum renewal

Nowadays every institution has to face the fact that new (net)generations that have a much more different point of view than earlier generations, grow up. The most dominant branch of netgeneration socialized on digital assets seems to stand out, their life is full of online games, so we can communicate with them only with gamification and game mechanisms. With regard to the fact that generations growing up at the moment own the future, we have to examine the work mechanisms of gamification and in line with that we have to consider and rewrite the world of museums and exhibitions. In the future it will be prominently important not just to show things but to involve and engage people with the help of gamification based on web 2.0. Nowadays involvement has become very important, besides the presentation of piece of art it is substantial to involve people in the experiences of art and make them react.  

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Cultural policy, Cultural heritage, Museology, Artefacts, Immovable historic buildings, Movable patrimony

múzeum, MUZEUM@DIGIT, kultúra


4 November, 2015

Dóra Szabó

9 March, 2016

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