Olga Kissel: Museum Geek


Olga Kissel: Museum Geek

The State Museum of the History of Religion is a Russian-wide research and methodology centre within the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation working on the problems of museum religion studies. Each year the museum holds regular seminars, internships and conferences on various problems of religion and museum studies, including questions about implementing and using digital technologies in museums. To organise this research and methodology work in the field of digital technologies, the museum chose the format of an internet festival. This format allows remote study of the practices of Russian museums in the field of museums' digital programs and allows participants to make some general conclusions based not only on their own experiences.

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Cultural policy, Cultural heritage, Museology, Artefacts

múzeum, MUZEUM@DIGIT, kultúra


3 November, 2015

Dóra Szabó

9 March, 2016

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