Samuel Franco Arce: Treasures of Nepal


Samuel Franco Arce: Treasures of Nepal

Nepal is a versatile mosaic of different ethnic groups whose languages, cultures and religions have over the centuries penetrated and settled the hills and valleys. Perhaps nowhere else on earth is there such a concentration of important monuments which are still active and part of everyday life. There are a total of ten World Heritage Sites in Nepal nominated by UNESCO, eight of which are outstanding cultural sites and two natural treasures. This presentation is about an effort to document and disseminate the impact of the April 25th, 2015 earthquake on Nepal’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, including a talk and a 15 minutes video of a pre-earthquake sequence documented in 2008 during the “Dasahin” festival (one of the most important annual Festivals of Nepal).

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Cultural policy, Cultural heritage, Museology, Artefacts, Cultural heritage research, Immovable historic buildings, Integration of cultural heritage in the urban setting, networking

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3 November, 2015

Dóra Szabó

8 March, 2016

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