DLM Forum Members Meeting - Budapest

DLM Forum Members Meeting - Budapest (18)

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Session Themes

From requirements to standards
·         How do European countries consider standardisation in the development of e-Government?

·         What is the role of records management or archival standards in e-Government?

Audit and Certification of ERMSs
·         Experiences with national audit and certification systems. 

·         What role do national, European and international actors play? What role do archives play?

From records management to archives - developing strategies for transferring records
·         Regulations on digital records: RM/archival standards, transformation rules, file formats,

·         Transfer/export data from record keeping to archiving systems, Efficiency of data exchange standards.

·         Experiences of the archives with the actual archival transfers, management of hybrid (paper/digital) records.

·         Practical experiences with the records of EU bodies.

Long term preservation
·         Digital preservation systems and standards, case studies on implementation of OAIS, useful tools and projects, case studies.

·         Tools: Commercial or open source?

·         Opportunities in EU level cooperation,

·         Standard workflows for digital archives,

·         Innovative approaches of accessing e-information (retrieval, visualization)

Strategies for records management and archiving services
·         Security policy; information architectures; 

·         Outsourcing, shared and multi-tenant systems,

·         Using external services.

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