The science of invisibility

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John Pendry (Imperial College London)

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    NIIF Intézet
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    May 6, 2011

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    49m 10s
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    May 9, 2011
  • John Pendry (lecturer)

    Imperial College London
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Refractive materials give limited control of light: we can fashion lenses, and construct waveguides, but complete control is beyond simple refracting materials. Ideally we might wish to channel and direct light as we please just as we might divert the flow of a fluid. Manipulation of Maxwell’s equation shows that we can achieve just that and metamaterials open the door to this new design paradigm for optics, providing the properties required to give complete control of light. One potential application would be to steer light around a hidden region, creating a cloak of invisibility.

The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition

Science beyond fiction

The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2011 is the second instalment of a new forum dedicated to frontier research in information and communication technologies. fet11 is a unique conference on visionary, high-risk and long-term research in information science and technology. Featuring an exceptionally broad range of scientific fields the event will seed new ideas across disciplines that will reshape the future.

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