Is the age of computation yet to begin?

kifu Artur Ekert 13 years ago - 52:41


kifu Clive Cookson 13 years ago - 4:04

Political welcome address

kifu Neelie Kroes
Dr. Prof. Zoltán Cséfalvay
József Pálinkás
13 years ago - 31:23

Official launch of FET-flagship pilots

kifu Neelie Kroes
Hans Lehrach
Jari Kinaret
Steven Bishop
Henry Markram
Paolo Dario
Adrian Ionescu
13 years ago - 50:22

Panel discussion on the topic “large vs. small”

kifu Robert Madelin
Jacques Stern
Dr. Norbert Kroó
Paul Verschure
Paul ’t Hoen
Jerzy Langer
Clive Cookson
13 years ago - 1:03:53

The (hopefully near) future of human language

kifu Dr. Gábor Prószéky 13 years ago - 47:12

Mathematical models to help understand

kifu Claire Tomlin 13 years ago - 41:17

How evolution shapes the way roboticists think

kifu Dr. Josh Bongard 13 years ago - 34:07

Constructive cortical computation

kifu Rodney Douglas 13 years ago - 51:15

The science of invisibility

kifu John Pendry 13 years ago - 49:10

The endogenous dynamics of markets: price impact

kifu Jean-Philippe Bouchaud 13 years ago - 57:04

Awards ceremony

kifu 13 years ago - 14:47